The Surge Continue 2015

“HOLD ON” for more insights!



Here is the First Change for Daddy Strong (DIRTY)

What is the Songs saying to you. Open it up and let help those who need understanding, NOW!


2 thoughts on “The Surge Continue 2015”

  1. Men of Daddy Strong jack in and let’s open the doors to prosperity. What really up in a Man’s LIFE!!!!

  2. This song says a lot about how I felt about most of my life. Most of my life, I just keep letting things go because I did not want to confront it. It keep me lost and lonely to the point I want to take my life out. I was a dude that could it happen for show but I as empty and scared. I created a lot of masks that I mastered wearing but it kept getting worst because I started putting on the wrong mask for the wrong situation. I want to end it but I had to search and life the light that ingited the FIRE to life. That life was JESUS!!! He taught me to Hold On until God’s love filled me and now I understand life is to short to be lost and alone. Now, I understand my journey here on earth. To love God and love my brother and sister as I love myself. The result of “Holding ON”!

    I pray this reaching someone who getting it!

    Big BraCharles

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