God is TWO (my Boys) good to me!


Daddy Strong Moment:

Today is a special day for me! My oldest son has a Football Game today. A Real Football game with pads. I got to see him with his football stuff on and I saw me. It took my breath away because I get to see him play and I’m already proud of him and he has not even stepped on the field, yet.
What crazy is that the coach gives him the #1 Jersey?  I’m like coach just put a target on my boy back. I told him that he does not have to be like me but to be himself. I wanted him to know that people will say you’re going to be like your Daddy. I do not want him to have to bear the weight of being like me in sports. I told him that I love him for him and he does not have to be something that God does not want him to be. But he assured me that He really wants to play Football and all that comes with it.
I cannot wait to see my boy play. It’s going to be very emotional for me because I grow playing a football all through school with my Daddy watching me play. He’s dead now but it still hurt me today because of my MISSING In Action Father.  What brings me joy is that God has given me two boys who are playing full contact football this year. The youngest son is the apple that does not fall far from the tree. He is a beast but he does not like to practice. He just wants to tackle somebody, score TD’s and get intercepts. He’s already simplified the Game. He plays Saturday morning. I thank God that my boys want to play the game I always enjoyed. Even more I thank God that I will be there cheering them on to victory or defeat. I’ve taught them that it’s not about winning or losing but how you finish (or play) each game. It about did I do better than the last game. You have to have the Golfer mind state to stay in control of yourself in game. I know and understand it’s a team game but a team is only as good as it weakest link. Knowledge of self is the perfect bless you can bring to a team environment. This is what makes good leader good because they inspire other to lead too. God is TWO(my Boys) good to me!

Big BraCharles


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