A Daddy Strong Moment with my Boyz

One of the most awesome things happen last night. Me and my two boys played Madden Football video game on the same team. (Dallas Cowboy for sure) It was priceless to teach them the game of football that I so deeply enjoy. At first, it was hard to get them to understand the game (care about it) but as we started to work together, stop the crying who fault it was and focus on the next play. We started talking and care about each others responsibilities (that was the moment) then we started moving the football. My boys got the idea of what it takes to be on a TEAM. First be considerate to your teammate (manners), handle your responsibilities (self-control) and share your knowledge of what’s coming (communication). This was a God moment with my sons and I. I was able to use a video game that I enjoy playing and teach them the GAME OF LIFE. I truly felt in my heart my boys grow up with “ME” their Daddy.

Be Daddy Strong 2012

Big BraCharles



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