The Surge Continue 2015

“HOLD ON” for more insights!



Here is the First Change for Daddy Strong (DIRTY)

What is the Songs saying to you. Open it up and let help those who need understanding, NOW!


Daddy Strong “The Rise” 2014 has begun……….


All Rise!

This year is the year to Rise to the occasion Daddy Strong. We must place a demand on the anointing (Our talent, resource and abilities) As men we are held to a higher standard not just by God but family, friends and community.

This year God has shown me that the enemy will make people in this early season of the new year TO BECOME SELF-CENTERED. (Only thinking about self no matter what the cost to other) Be careful DaddyStrong because in this season we will be trying to stay focus in the attempt  to start a new year resolution that most of us will not keep.

I want to encourage DaddyStrong to use the K.I.S.S Process this year in order to “RISE” in 2014. (KEEP IT SIMPLE __________. a]Saint b]Sucker c]Stupid)

Daddy Strong Challenge #1 (No Pain, No Gain)

When communicating with family keep you “YES” yes and your “No” No!

This is about character building, because in the long run it’s your character not you talents that will make you a success in all you do.

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